What drives us

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are our highest goal. This is why our customers can rely on comprehensive advice, well thought-out planning and economical and flexible implementation. Fair and transparent billing is a matter of course for us. Whether private customer, public sector or large corporation - we stand by our word.

Satisfied employees

Our employees are competent, enthusiastic and reliable. To keep it that way, we ensure the satisfaction of our team. To this end we attach great importance to a friendly working atmosphere characterised by trust and respect. In addition, we offer our employees a wide range of advantages, from attractive social benefits to profit-sharing options.


Efficiency. Productivity. Quality. Our company grows through continuous improvement. We involve our employees and invest in new, creative ideas. Mechanical automation processes are already developed, implemented and manufactured in-house by our own workshop. One example is our excavator quick-change system. This allows us to change the grabs, shovels or drills on our excavators much faster, easier and safer - reducing set-up time and considerably simplifying the process on our construction sites. We have developed this in-house system together with the machine manufacturers. We are also increasingly digitizing our processes in order to keep our operations lean and to respond more quickly to customer requirements. All our departments are modern and future-oriented.