Civil Engineering

Municipal, commercial and private development is one of our core competencies in civil engineering, road and canal construction. The construction of transformer stations for power suppliers is also one of our main tasks, which we implement throughout Germany.
We have various approvals according to Germany's Water Management Act (WHG) and District Heating Association (AGFW). In the field of rain-water and waste water sewer construction, which also includes the conversion to modern separation technology, we have Germany's industry certification (Güteschutz Kanalbau).
The team includes 7 highly qualified foremen and 40 specialist workers in the sewer and road construction sector. 5 site managers ensure that our projects run smoothly.

The head of the civil engineering and road construction division

The head of the civil engineering and road construction division

Dipl.-Ing. Gunnar Graafmann

Telephone +49 (0) 5034 872 25




Flughafen Hannover Langenhagen GmbH

Benkendorffstraße, Langenhagen, 2018
Sewer and road construction, cable conduits and shafts for airport
Project volume: approx. 735,000 €

Steinbrecher, Isernhagen

Redesign and construction of a new depot, 2016/2017
Project volume: approx. 510,000 €

Deutsche Bahn AG

Erneuerung Krbw Gümmerwald, 2015/2016
Vorbereitende Maßnahmen, Erd- und Straßenbauarbeiten
Auftragsvolumen: ca. 1.185.000 €

Region of Hanover

Renovation of the Gümmerwald rail junction, 2015/2016
Preparatory measures, earthworks and road works
Project volume: approx. 1,185,000 €

Avacon AG

Main through-road Luthe, 2018
Road and sewer construction
Project volume: approx. 950,000 €